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Turkish towel - so much more than just being fancy.

Hypes usually don’t gain my attention, as I’m more into items that had made it beyond a trend, proofed their quality and longevity. When the hype around Turkish towels flared up, it was more a coincidence that around that time we needed new beach towels anyways ans after some research clicked on “order”.

A hype around beach towels? Honestly, I thought that’s quiet odd. Like can you see yourself hanging around at the beach with friends and ask them about their towels?
Well, let me tell you: those hand-woven quick-absorbent stylish turkish towels put all my “why-even-care-about-beach-towels” doubts aside. 

Wet, sandy, dump towels were just part of every beach visit

This feeling of diving into the sea, the waves rolling over you, trying to find your balance on the sand, diving into big waves, floating on the water, swimming, snorkeling, sensing the sun sparkling on your face…

Trying to step out of the water in tune with the flow of the waves, finding yourself back at the beach, deeply satisfied from being one with the ocean, grabbing for your towel, wrapping yourself in it, letting yourself dry…

We all know this unique and deeply calming beach experience. 

We also know that it can be quite annoying when you want to repeat this experience later, but your towel is still wet. Not talking about going back and forth from the water, needing a dry towel over and over again. Maybe in the meantime it even slipped from wherever you hung it up to let it dry onto the sand, which not only makes it damp, but also full of sand.

Though to me this was just set in stone for every beach visit, no questioned asked. 

What if there was a better choice?

Though one day as we needed new towels and the big online shops out there showed thousands of great reviews for Turkish towels, we decided to give them a try.

When I unpacked the towels, just holding them in my hands felt different. Incredibly soft and fluffy, yet at the same time lightweight though bigger in size made us very curious for our next beach visit.

When the day came and we dried ourselves after our ocean swim, the towel’s high-absorbency made it incredibly efficient in drying off our bodies. After they quickly dried completely, the kids enjoyed wrapping themselves in those soft lightweight blankets. The sand was easily shaken off and yes! the flat-woven design was definitely appealing.

Since then every beach outing improved a little and we can’t imagine going to the beach without them.
Go get your Turkish towels for your next trip the pool or beach now and feel the same deep satisfaction of making a good choice.

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