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Tommy Bahama: the king of all beach chairs

Each week I want to put one of our products in the spotlight and give you some insights why it made it's way to our shop.

The king of all beach chairs

Today I am probably "calling the obvious", as I am shouting out my love for a product, which already convinced millions of people and definitely is the King of all beach chairs. 

Most of you who grew up in the States probably know that I’m talking about the Tommy Bahama beach chair. Today I want to tell you the story though of two people, who had no idea why beach chairs in general were even a thing and needed the Tommy Bahama chairs to understand the reason of Americans love for beach chairs.

In Europe we laid on towels

As we spent all beach-outings for the first 25 years of our lives Europe, where people lay on towels or blankets and where there were no beach chairs to be seen, we were always wondering why Americans would carry those “heavy” chairs to the beach. To us sitting on a towel we already brought to the beach seemed like the way more practical way.

Curious though we bought some cheap foldable chairs, which were heavy indeed and uncomfortable to sit on. We felt convinced in our beliefs that those chairs wouldn't make our time at the beach any better. Still wondering, why every beach goer around us was relaxing on chairs, we gave this idea another try and after 6 years in the States purchased our Tommy Bahamas. 

When our minds were blowing away, the chairs were not

When we put our arms through the backpack loops of the Tommy Bahama chairs the first time, we almost couldn't believe how light they felt and how comfortable to carry. Even our 9-year-old was able to carry them all the way. The comfort of sitting in the chair with our backs completely able to lean back was almost mind-blowing and when we figured the possibility to put the chairs in 5 different positions with even laying flat down like on a pool lounger, we were instantly regretting all the years we had lived in the States without this awesomeness of a product. Being able to put our drinks in the cup holder or letting out towels dry on the rack were just the icing on the cake and we knew, this product has to be on our website.

Share your Tommy Bahama love with us

I'm sure there are people out there reading these lines, who made their own experience with the Tommy Bahama beach chair. Tell me about a unique experience you had with them and in case you never did, it's just one click away.


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