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Our hammock - a loyal companion in an adventurous life

Two weeks ago we moved into a new home with a beautiful backyard. We put up the hammock stand and when the kids were swinging back and forth under a mango tree, it occurred to me, how I haven’t had thought of our hammock yet?

I asked myself, how I could have considered selling a product on Puddles and Palmtrees, we loved for years. A product we had stored underneath the backseats of our truck, so we always had it handy when needed. A product that travelled with us through the entire country, got tied on trees in almost every state between  California and Florida, held us when we snuggled looking at the stars in the desert, read books in the blue ridge mountains or swang in front of a lake every weekend near our home in North Carolina.

While I reminisced about all these moments throughout the years, I grasped why I almost had forgotten our hammock it in the first place.

I had not spend one single thought about it, because our hammock has became something in our lives that always has been there and nothing major spectacular. Our hammock created so many unique moments in our story, but it did it quietly without asking for a lot of attention.

Our hammock became a reliable always-there-for-you item, that held us throughout the years, and made our lives without even recognizing on so many days truly magical.

What would be an outdoor life without a hammock? If you’re looking for one, that carries you along all your outdoor getaways with the most easiest set-up, follow this way and find yourself hiding in this soft, stretchy parachute hammock.


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