Pink soft cloud slides outside in nature

Cloud or pillow slides - lightweight, soft, cozy and everything your feet had ever wanted.

We all know this doubt if something is real when it seems too good to be true. This was definitely my first cloud slipper experience. It felt weird, unreal and out of this world, as I was literally walking on clouds.

But let's start from the very beginning.

For years it seemed the one and only slipper everyone had in their minds when it was about lightweight and soft footwear were Crocs. They had this unbeatable USP of being the most coziest walkable cushion your feet could have asked for. Even though they were never seen as highly fashionable, they had this incredible success because of their non-negotiable comfort. Crocs had been part of our family life as well, but since my feet are snuggled in even more cushy slippers, the jealousy of the crocs-wearers here in this household arose.

Walking on clouds? For real?

Who would have thought that one day you literally would be able to walk on clouds? Or at least it would feel that way. Whether you want to call them cloud or pillow slides, both names will keep their promise. Your feet will feel like all the heaviness of carrying your body will find the rest they deserve. They will feel like finally all their prayers had been heard. Walking - or should I say floating on our slippers will give you that "no way, I can never walk in other shoes anymore" kind of feel. They are lightweight, easy to wash off from any dirt and soooo soft. Next to clouds or pillows, I always think about marshmallows when wearing them.

But won’t our muscles become weak?

As outdoor people though we also believe in the importance of grounding yourself by walking barefoot as much as possible. We don't want to diminish the importance of building your muscles in the feet and arches and therefore see our fluffy pillow slides more as the resting opportunity between your feet workouts. 

Get the comfort your feet deserve!

Do you think you can still resist your feet asking for a better life? Why the fights, instead get them what they deserve.

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