Neighborhood with Palm trees reflecting in a puddle

The story behind our name "Puddles & Palmtrees"

Before there was a name there was my idea of building an outdoor online shop and inspiring people out there to enjoy the outdoors. My motivation came from my own experience, as spending time outside always had such a profound impact on my mood.

Nature became my therapy

Besides the daily mood boost, spending time outside helped me in the turbulences called life: during postpartum days, when moving to new and unknown places, whilst navigating our family in a new surrounding, a different culture, far away from our home country or when living through times of grief after losing my father in the pandemic. Feeling the warm of sunlight on my skin, hearing and seeing robins chirping or sensing the energy of fresh air always reminded me on a deeper level, that every hard time is temporary and that we all have the strength to live through it. 

Looking for a name became a frustrating experience

After I had the idea, we needed a name for our baby business. Finding a name sounded exciting and like lots of fun, however our name didn't came to us in a way I would say it was meant to be. Instead there were - as it felt like - millions of other names rushing through our minds, before one night - when we sat outside while the kids where sleeping - Toby mentioned the name "Puddles & Palmtrees" after we had mentioned so many others. But this was different, even though it seemed so simple and easy, it seemed just right. 

"Puddles and Palmtrees" is what summer's look like in Florida

It was summer season here in South Florida, where we experience lots and lots of rainfall. The name was just a reflection of what we were surrounded by every day, however it was more than that. We looked for a name that needed to be instantly connected with nature, created some curiosity, sounded well-rounded and showed that our shop would be a platform for outdoor related content in every part of the world. 

But wait! There's something wrong

Some of you might have recognized that "Palmtrees" is mis-spelled. As "Puddles & Palm trees" as a brand didn't look right, we decided to combine both words.
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